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I cant get my crx running, Im looking for ideas. The car just cranks when trying to start, and i get this annoying beeping noise and the check engine light stays on. So i pulled up the carpet to find that the ecu led doesnt turn on when i turn the key on.


In my running crx when i turn the key on it beeps 5 times/and the check engine light cuts off like its supposed to and the led on the ecu blinks once to show that it is turned on.


Soo... I checked all fuses under dash and in the engine bay to find all are working, and I even removed the ecu from the NON-running car and put it in mine. When I did this the ecu works perfectly allowing the car to operate correctly.


Now I dont know if the harness has a short somewhere how to find out where, or if it is just no good or a completely different problem all together???



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