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2000 civic cx idling problem

ford guy

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Hope you all can help.

I just bought a 2000 Civic CX, starts and idles fine until it warms up. It then idles way down and comes back up to normal idle. It is very repetitive, does not stop.


When I am driving say 100 km/hr, I cant seem to hold it there, it goes down, and when I touch the accelerator to try and hold the speed it jerks as if I dropped a gear and stepped on it, there is no happy medium.


Any suggestions?

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Idle air control valve is to blame the jacked idle.


And try adjusting your throttle cable, that could be the reason for the touchy pedal.


I forgot to mention, at the dealer they told me the timing belt was the reason for the idle. Never heard of it before but, is my first honda. Could this be true?

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No, never heard of that happening. Being out of time will just make your car run like crap, not make the idle jump like that.



Thanks for the help. Will try these suggestions.

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