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So, who's played the original Manhunt? I never really touched the game but never really saw the problem with it either. Apparently it caused a lot of controversy and was wrongfully blamed for the murder of teenager over in the UK - where the victim had owned the game, not the killer. With the release of Manhunt 2 nearing, people were expecting an M rating and political upheaval in such a blatantly violent game that encourages killing. In a rather surprise move the ESRB has rated the game, AO, adults only for America and the ratings department over in the UK has rejected the game pretty much banning the game. This based not only on the graphic nature of the game but also because of the Wii's motion controller which would allow people to mimick the sawing motion while sawing people in half from the crotch up or strangling them or ripping their nuts off.


So, considering that this game has recieved a death nail from the ESRB and won't be found at your local Walmart or Target, who is or was thinking of picking this game up for the Wii/PS2? When is video game violence to much? Is such a game needed anyway?


I was quite intrigued by this game...especially the fact that Nintendo, king of gaming censorship, would allow it on their system (Remember Mortal Kombat? LOL...hooray green blood!). Anyhow, of the places that have reviewed the game, it has gotten decent scores so far and I was thinking about renting it, but now maybe might not have the chance to check it out from the local Blockbuster or Hollywood Video because of it's rating.


I don't think "No More Heroes" for the Wii can be any more gruesome than this...Suda may have to eat his words.

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I heard about this too. It's unlikely that it will end up being made, given the rating, since most consoles don't make any AO games period. That kinda sucks, but the game was just ultraviolence anyway, not really contributing too much to the gaming world.


Interesting that you call Nintendo the King of Censorship. Green blood aside, who can tell me which of the three systems last generation was the only one not to censor Dave Mirra's BMX XXX? Not saying Nintendo deserves props for it, but just pointing it out.

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