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problem with a 1991 Civic


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Need some help here people. I'm kinda stumped

Car starts but won't go over 30kms and has no power


I have a 91 civic DX that was just put back on the road after about a year of sitting.

Changed plugs, filter, oil, reg stuff.

It was running very well for about a week on the fuel that was left in it since shut down.


heres the weird thing though, for about 30 kms prior to the car having NO power, the alternator belt was spinning and doing that whine that is so familiar to grocery store parking lots. As soon as that stopped the car had zero power. The belt is still there and even after tightening it the problem still exists.



Has this happened to anyone here or is there some suggestions that might help out.



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did you changed the fuel filter too. ? prolly got a bunch of trash that came from the tank and clogged the fuel filter .!



just changed the fuel filter now but still does it.


however, its now giving me a code on that light under the passenger floor.


16 blinks


the CEL came on only once though and now isn't on

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yeah from what I've found while researching code 16 tells me its a "fuel injector" or something to do with the fuel system anyways.


I'll have to check the injectors today. Anyone know how the injectors sense and signal that code to the ecm??

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ok, just thought I'd come back and advise as to what the problem was


the catalytic converter was blocked by its own ineards (sp?) there wasn't much left of it either, so I punched it out and am now running straight through until the dreaded e-test


when I say blocked I MEAN blocked, I should have taken a picture


thanks for the advise guys

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