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1989 Prelude Plug ID Please Help


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I have 1989 Prelude 2.0SI 4WS and have recently come across a Power Stearing Leak which ended up (im assuming) causing a short somewhere (my turn signal fuse (10amp) would blow disabling my turn signals and my guage cluster functions) and i've come to the conclusion that the leak (coming from the main line runing in front of my headers) was dripping on 3 plugs (one blue 2 prong clip on circular plug, one 2 prong grey clip on circular plug and one metal screw in) all of which plug in right where the top hose from the radiator connects to the header. I assumed these were my temp guage (one of which would stop responding after the fuse blew) So i removed them and started up my engine to see if the short would continue but now my check engine light came on, please help with finding out what these plugs are because they are obviously not sensors..

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