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Man, honda could have called it something different than VTEC-E. I put a timing belt on a 97' civic HX at work yesterday. It had 106K on it and ran good, but man!!!!!!! I figured it would have a lil' something having a horizontal throttle-body intake like a Y8-civic EX and a Tach. I gotta tell ya though. Maybe it's just cause I've had a K-4F Trans. off of and EX for so long, but this thing felt like a disgrace to VTEC. I wouldn't want to pull up next to somebody with a D15B2 in that thing. All I've got to say is I've seen these Y-5 heads heads floating around on EBAY and people calling them Minnie-me swaps. It's gotta make the same compression as a D16Y7 or less. Don't buy one!!!!!!!!!!!!

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