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scheduled maintence


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hi guys


i have a 2001 honda accord with 44,000 miles on it. i recently changed the oil, filter and topped up all my fluids in the car at mr lube. honda recently put in a new transmission, and fixed my transmission leakage.


i was thinking of taking it to honda for a quick check up. what do u guys think is time to fix or check? i took the car to canadian tire and they suggest that i clean and adjust my breaks and mr lube advised that i flush my fuel system. what else can u guys think of?



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if it were me i would check the spark plugs and wires.

check your air filter to see if you need a new one or not.

i would go check the breaks.

why not get a raditor flush. in my opion i think it would be good for the car.



that what i would do plus the things youve allready done.


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