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Where can I buy lips

Del Sol Driva

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Del Sol Driva.....







Before the other members crucify you.......

You will want to change your vehicle info from "1993 Honda Del Sol Vtech" to VTEC.

(even thought the VTEC model didn't come out until '94....there was only S and Si model in 93)



Hurry....before they see it. :thumbsup:

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You can find them at any local shop....there's usually at least one shop in every city.

Or your best bet is probably gonna be ebay. I would email someone on there and negotiate a price on one. Most of them have a really low selling price but then charge a rediculous amount for shipping. (I have found out that is how people make more money off of auctions cause they don't have to share shipping fees with ebay)

Or I know you could order a front lip from any Honda dealership.....compare prices first.

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