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You guys are funny. NOT!!! I want to change my tranny because my engine has 56k original miles. So if you guys can be more specific and give a hand it would be nice.

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They are saying that because it truly is a pain in the ass. I'm in the process of buying parts so I can do it in my 94 hatch and it is going to take a lot of work. Don't get butt hurt because they made a joke.



Or, simply do a search.

Google it, it's all over Honda-Tech and Honda Swap

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The best advice I can offer; research until you think you know enough about it -- then keep researching.


I have never done an engine swap and I researched the hell out of mine. I COULD have made the AC and PS work, but I decided not to. I want this to be done well, and cleanly. Check my thread out here.




Take your time, don't start buying stuff until you know exactly what's going on. And, give yourself more than enough money to cover everything. I'm around 4,000 for my B16A swap into my EJ1. Most people think I'm spending WAY too much money, but I wanted a low mileage engine and lots of replacement goodies. I'm doing clutch, flywheel, timing belt, water pump, plugs and wires, rotors, cap... blah blah blah the list goes on.


Take. Your. Time.

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