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Honda Music Link Problem

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I have an '06 Odyssey. Last August Honda installed their Music Link system. Since that time, everything worked fine with my IPod Nano. However, about two weeks ago I started having problems.


It began after I removed the IPod from the vehicle so that I could add some additional songs. When I reattached it to the cable in the glove box, I did not get the usual checkbox screen indicating that everything is fine. The IPod gets power from the cable, but the screen lights up and either shows a song that is playing or that the unit is being charged. In addition, I cannot set the stereo system to receive audio input from the IPod now because everytime that I hit the "CD / Aux" button the dash it doesn't switch over....It just stays on the FM radio.


The CD player is fine, I've tried playing various disks and it works.


The IPod is fine. It works with my home computer, plays music in a sound dock and through headphones, etc. I reset the IPod to factory original settings in case it was a firmware upgrade issue, but that did not resolve the issue.


Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any ideas on how I can resolve this without wasting time to go back to the dealer?


It's still under warranty and I can take it to Honda for help, but I don't want them to blame the IPod for the problem since it's OK in every other context.


Thank you,


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I have an 06 Accord Coupe, and I have almost the exact same issue.

Last Sunday (6/10) my Music-Link stopped working.

I couldn't switch to it on the CD-Aux.


Normally, if my I-Pod was NOT attached, I could still switch to CD-Aux on my car audio, cycle through the other Aux modes (i.e. XM radio, CD player) and at the Music-Link slot, the car audio display would say "CDC Empty". Currently, I can still switch through the other CD-Aux options, but the “slot” for Music-Link has disappeared, it doesn’t show at all anymore.


When I connect my I-Pod, its little screen says "now playing" and charges, but it doesn't show the "do not disconnect" screen that normally showed when connected.



Does that information match what you're experiencing?


I went to a dealer this morning (06/14/07). Before the dealer looked at it, they said that there are many owners with Music-Link problems lately, and that Honda has suspended sales of new Music-Links and that they could not get a replacement link but would call me when it becomes available.


I searched and couldn't find any internet articles about Music-Link problems lately, I read that sales were suspended in October 2006 due to a software issue when Itunes upgraded to v7.0. But, even if your own I-Pod’s software was incompatible, it should still show the option when you cycle through CD-Aux on your car's audio, as it used to for mine even when the I-Pod wasn’t attached. And I found another article that said that particular suspension was removed in October 06. So that problem from 2006 probably has nothing to do with it.




Before you go to a dealer, I recommend asking them if Music-Link sales are suspended, in case what my local dealer told me is true. No need to waste your time with a visit if they can’t even replace the part. If they tell you otherwise, that the part IS available, PLEASE post here so I know to call a different dealer next time.




Please post anything you find, and I hope my experience was insightful.





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