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Intake manifold problem

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I have a 91 integra with b18b1 in it and i need to know the propper way of connecting all the lines to the intake manifold. I bought the repair manual for it but that sucks. Its useless. I swapped the motor because the b18a1 it had was not working and now i'm having problems getting the manifold installed. It has this high iddling problem due to the fit valve on the tb i dont know what to do please help


I dont know what to do. could the problem be that i 'm using a b18a1 intake manifold on a b18b1? i dont know but the fitv wont close.


when i start up the car it has strong suction from the fit valve port on the throttle body and i know thats not normal cause its too loud and i never heard an integra do that.


and the exhaust smells like its spitting gas out of it. I think its running rich. what do I do?

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