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Newbie needs help


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Ok. So heres the deal. Im a computer nerd. I work advanced tech support. Im not a "car guy" by any means. Cars to me for the most part are like speaking french. But I want to learn. And I'm not a dummy by any means (least I dont think so) lol. Im picking up a used 1993 Honda Accord on Friday :) What Im looking for is some good sites for information on Honda Accords as well as cars in general. This car is in good condition and I want to start and undertaking of building this car up. From the little things like air filters, and hoses, that sort of stuff to hopefully down the line some more advanced mods. So any help that you could all offer would be greatly appreciated. And I will thank you all in advance for your patience. :)

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Helm Publishing. Find all publications related to your vehicle and buy them. Read them. Learn them.


Try things using the books. You will sometimes break things, you will sometimes break your tools. This is the learning process and after about 2 years of fixing little things you will know more than most.


Have fun.

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