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1984 Civic DX questions, tranny/engine swap

Jack the Ripper

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Hey folks.


I have an 84 civic, dx, 1.5l.


boy she screams. hahahaha


actually she is my commuter, im not gonna say my other car cause im sure domestic owners get flamed on here. lol...


Anyways, i got a couple questions, right now the car rattles when in neutral. Something is up with the tranny.


I figure im gonna replace the tranny, and possibly go ahead and swap the motor. Im curious what years of motor and what manual transmissions should i be compatible with?



oh yeah.. also, i dont know if anyone else has had this problem, ive never seen this before, maybe common with this year/make...

When turning the headlights on, the headlights come on right away but the parking lights do not come on, nor do the dash lights. If i push the light switch toward the car they all come on, when i release they come off.

If i let the car sit for a few or drive it around the parking lot and keep bounding the keadlight switch eventually they all come on and they stay on untill i turn off the car.


anyone else seen that? it is frustrating nto to be able to just hop into the fishbowl and take off at night.

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