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Overheat-Highway only


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tried new cap, purged system, (no flush or thermostat yet)


But city driving AC on or off no problem. stays at 50% or less


as soon as I get to 70-80mph straight highway driving it gets pegged.


I turn the heat on full blast and it drops to 70% but still creeps up at highway speeds


as soon as I get off the highway it drops to 50% again


AC or heat on/off do not matter over the long drives it is heat related?


I suspect the water pump? at city driving it is seeing rpm changes and therfore moving, maybe at steady rpm it is stalling? I hear no squealing from it though.


I am going to backflush and replace thermo.


oh after I stopped while still hot with AC on both fans are working.


i have a 94 s

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thermo sticking shut sounds like off hand. its also very possible your rad is rotten , have a look at the fins , see if they just crumble away.

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