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few quick questions


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I recently got a 03 accord v6 coup I want to throw a turbo on it but i have been looking and cant find any listed for my car and yet i have read several posts from people who have. Can someone tell me which kit would work best for my 03 and if I will have to do any fabrication to make it fit? I have also been looking for the auto tranny to manual conversion can someone please post a link?


Also Can someone tell me how to set the digital clock on the radio, its a stock 6 disc cd changer.


Thanks for any help and any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!!


I Wanna Go Fast...


Thanks again for any help :thumbsup:

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If you buy a turbo "kit" it should bolt up. I've never seen one for an '03, but I have a 6th gen and a 4-cyl, so they're quite a bit different as far as trying to set up a turbo. If I were you and you aren't familiar with keeping a turbo maintained, I would start with simple modifications like I/H/E and get comfortable with that stuff first. If you are familiar with maintaining a turbo, then more power to you. Comptech I've heard is the only ones that sell a "kit" for 6th gen 6-cyl. I've also never seen any "kit" to change a auto to a manual for a 7th gen, but maybe someone else has. The easiest way to do most of this stuff practically is to build your own. There is plenty of turbo stuff out there that should work on just about anything.

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