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Rebuildable gs-r? would u take it?


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'95 GS-R Sedan, very well kept, and then was hit, "it has a smashed up front end with a slightly bent frame, left rear trailing arm, fenders, bumper, and the hood must be replaced. The most serious damage is the crack on the transmission housing."

it already has some mods... "The car also has an Apexi WS Exhaust (one of the quietest aftermarket exhaust), Injen Intake, Brembo rotors, Axxis pads, and Neuspeed front upper strutbar."


other info... "It also has a new timing belt and valvetrain adjusted recently."


asking $4000 and is negotiable, has 83K on the motor, how much would that demand cost me?

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dude if I was you I would offer him 3500 and buy a 5gen civic shell and do an engine swap swap the interior suspension everything you want and I gurantee you that yor car would be running good

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Personally I wouln't go for that unless you knew the guy personally. The only way that I would do it is if I was going to strip it down to the bare frame and create a track car.


As far as you know that car has been driven to hell and back, ands as far as the aftermarket parts is concerned, you may want to look at the retail and if anything you may be able to sell some of it on Ebay and make a profit :)



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