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Odds are a wheel sensor has gone bad. You would have to take it somewhere that they can scan the car. Since it's a 92, I couldn't tell you how this is done. There is probably a jumper wire where you have to jump it, then the ABS light will flash so many times to give you your code. My 93 accord doesn't have ABS, so again I'm not positive that's how you do it. What I do know is, even with the ABS light on, your brakes will be normal. You just won't have the ABS part of it. Completely safe to drive.

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I've got a 94 EX sedan and my ABS light comes and goes, randomly. I don't notice a difference in braking.


The only time you would is when you are hard enough on the brake to skid, that's the only time the ABS is suppose to activate. If it doesn't work you'll never know any different unless you have to slam on the brakes to lose traction while stopping.

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