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Where can i buy a b16a head???

Verbal Killa

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Okay im tired of waitin on ebay. all the b16a's are pr3. and i dont know. is there any website that just sells things like Engines, heads, etc??? like a website that just sells those an there guranteed too work? perfomance website? thanxxxx

there are like 6 b16a heads on ebay atm. i dont know of sites that sell just a head, but im sure if you called the number to hrmotorsonline that they can prolly hook you up just with what you need. also if you go on ebay and find a seller that is actaully an importer of jdm engines etc, you can prolly find a link to their actual site or a 1800 number to their offices and they can prolly do the same.

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This is actually a related question, but does anyone know where I could get new D series engines? Could I just go direct to Honda for that?

ebay and hrmotorsonline. or w/e that website is thats pinned on here. honda will charge you like 2000+ for a brand new d16, and thats even if their in production still, because afterall didnt they stop using d16's in 2000, 7 years ago?

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