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Setting timing and installing a belt

del Slow

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Hey guys,


So, I figure its worth my time to put on a timing belt to see what the scene is. I know I could pull the head, or do a leakdown test, or even a compression test, but I have a timing belt, and no other tools/gaskets to check it out.


So I would appricate detailed instructions on how to change the belt


How to set the timing.


and the easiest way to get taht friggin belt on the cams. I have done one other timing belt, and that was a PITA to get on.


thx in advance as always

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set the engine to TDC on compression stroke. take valve cover off. remove all drive belts. have someone step on brakes with car in 5th gear while you crack your pulley bolt(or impact gun if handy). take pully off(mark the middle notch of the 3 timing marks in a row with white paint , being careful to only get it in the groove). take upper and lower plastic covers off. crack loose your tensioning bolt 1/2 turn only. remove belt from engine. stick new belt on , making sure the cam pulleys never moved. in case they did , on the crank pully , theres a mark on the sprocket and on the casing. when the 2 are aligned , thats TDC on the crank for #1 piston. both your cam wheels have a DOT on them. make sure they are both straight up. there is also 2 flat marks on each side of each cam wheel , so when dot is pointed straight up , these hash marks are horizontal(level). place the belt on , leaving all the slack between the crank sprocket and exhaust cam wheel. now , using the crank pulley bolt in the hole temporarily , turn the engine counterclockwise , 3 teeth on the belt and the spring loaded tensioner bolt will take up the slack of the belt , than tighten the tensioner bolt. now make sure the marks are pefectly where they have to be(crank on TDC , and cam wheels dots pointed straight up , all at same time). if this is the case , reinstall covers , crank pulley and bolt(130ft/lbs) , and valve cover. i highly recomend putting a timing light on it after this , under the passenger side kick panel , cross the blue 2 pin connector(same as the one for getting codes) , and start the car. hold the car at 3000 rpm's until the fan comes on , fully warmed up. now hook your timing light up , and aim it at your pully looking straight down the pointer which is part of the plastic timing cover. every time the light flashed , that white mark you made previous , should be perfectly aligned with the pointer on plastic cover. if its not , loosen the 3 dizzy bolts , and adjust it till it is. turn off car , remove wire crossing blue connector and away you go.

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hey, thanks for the help,


I acutally took it to a shop and had it put on. It was real cheap, and I was busy, plus, Im not the most confident doing stuff like that anyways. My hands are too fat to get in some of those places anyways.


thx tho.

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