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Handling/Stability expectations?


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Recently acquiered a '95 Si w/ ~130k miles on stock wheels from a lady who babied and serviced her car regularly. After reading about the car I had originally expected the handling, ride, and 'stiffness' to be a lot more then it appears to be riding at. The car doesn't exhibit any oscillation if you do the usual press each corner of the car in and see if it bounces test. And at speeds <50mph the car seems stable.


But as soon as I drive freeway speeds the car seems relatively unstable. Maybe I've gotten way too used to my old Volvo or Mustang, but i'm wondering if something is suspect. When I say unstable I mean it feels like it's not necessarily wanting to go STRAIGHT ahead, it feels.....twitchy? I dont know. Sort of catches road grooves and exhibits a bit of 'boat' like tendencies if i wiggle the wheel left and right. Some body roll. Granted, the previous owner put some cheap whatever tires, but surely they wouldn't cause this sort of problem. Could this be an alignment issue? I feel like weaving through traffic with this condition would be a bit dangerous! I know this is vague, any ideas?

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