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Brake Pads?


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Hi All,


Just wondering if anyone knows or can give me any direction on how to change the brake pads on my 1990 prelude, is there any brake pads that people could reccommend im not looking to spend a fortune.






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There are two bolts (14 mm I believe) to release the main bracket, two more to release the secondary (remove and cap the brake line unless you plan to replace.. or you can try to squeeze em in) and then you can get to 'em.


It's probably one of the more simple maintenance things to do... its just really dirty.


Hawk HPS are pretty good.. not much more (if any) than OEM. Other than that, EBC Green and some others are good but slightly more expensive.



When you get it all setup and ready test your brakes first and see if they all work.. have a friend go around and make sure the pads line up. It's a really simple job, but if you don't get the pads past the clip its a pain in the ass.



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