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help aftermarket steering wheel/horn question


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i installed an aftermarket steering wheel on my del sol and hooked up my horn button switch. but the horn


still does not work. my horn button switch had the one plug that connects to a wire from my hub adapter i


needed to use to mount my steering wheel. but the horn does not work.


i wanted to know if i am hooking it up correctly or do i have to add any extra wires to make the horn work.


help me out guys .



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i had an aftermarket wheel on my ride(91 civic). theres a piece of foil like tinfoil that comes with them usually for horn contact that sticks inside the hub of the wheel(unless built into yours). the one wire goes on the piece inside the hub that the center snaps onto. and the hub adapter has brass rings that seat on contacts. id have to see it but its really simple man ,just have another look or post me some pics.

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