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My wife has an 89 honda accord.  I noticed a small oil leak about a week ago and thought that it might be the valve cover gasket.  So my step-dad and I used an engine cleaner to get all of the dried oil off of the head and just clean the motor up.  We replaced the valve cover gasket and everything seemed fine, UNTIL. I noticed where the oil was coming from, THE HEAD GASKET.  It is located in the front left hand corner of the head and it is only there.  My step-dad was thinking that by using the engine cleaner we dislodged an "oil clot" that had slowed the oil leak and now the oil leak has worsened.  My step-dad and I had the same thinking that maybe we could use the gasket sealer and try to do a quick fix until we purchase a new honda.  My question is "will this work".  By puting the gasket sealer where the leak is on the head and letting it set.  Will this bide time until we can purchase a new vehicle.  Anything would help.  



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