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magnaflow for 03 accord

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Alright, guys I heard a magnaflow exhaust from their site on an acura rsx type s and a honda civic. It was ok, but I would like to know for my 03 sedan, thank god for magnaflow cause theyre the only ones who make exhaust for my car...but i dont know how it would sound on my baby. I mean I'm aiming for the best sound and when I had first bought my cool air intake, the stock paper filter made a lot of noise...i bought the autozone cotton fiber one, and it was 24 dollars but it was huge! now its not as ricey sounding and Ive found out that more expensive products give u better sound (in the engine bay atleast) but i need to know if this magnaflow will give me better sound, i mean im performance too, but without sound, u just have a bunch of critics (like myself) making fun of how gay ur car sounds.

my point here is that i want good sound and performance for my car that wont make muscle car rednecks mutter death threats under their breaths whenever i pass by...will magnaflow give me wat i want?

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