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Equalizer Question


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Hello everyone,


Sorry if I have posted a couple of times already within 24 hours. As this forum has all the information I need and the tools to complete my Accord project. Hopefully, I could finish all the project by summer this year and post a picture of my car on this site.


Anyways, I have done some upgrade on performance or engine but also have done some improvements from the inside. I have changed my speedometer with an indiglo, made some dash kit improvements and sound systems enhancement.


Before, this car had the stock Honda stereo which does not work and so I bought a decent Pioneer (middle priced) car stereo with built in equalizers. I have upgraded the speakers to 250 watts, got some tweeters, and amps and 12 inch sub-woofer system.


I wanted to get a Pioneer DEQ 9200 with DSP or Digital Sound Processor which adjusts automatically. Some say, that it would only add noise or static into my sound system. Contrary to what the stereo installer was saying, this pioneer equalizer has noise reduction option that does that.


My question would be, is it myth or fact that if I add an eq to my existing system that there will be no significant improvement in sound quality? I ask this question because my system could not play vividly classical or jazz. It plays good quality sound pop, rock or music that has a lot of bass such as hip-hop.


Any views on this folks? Thank you very much. I appreciate all the help.


Kind regards,



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