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engine swap/conversion help

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Ok first of all I have a 1993 Civic Bubble. It was converted from an automatic to a stick shift. The engine was 1.5L stock and is now swapped that to a D16Z SOHC VTEC. So far for the engine its been dropped in but I still need the tranny mount because its tilting just a little bit. I bought a brand new distributor and cap, spark plugs and wires. I still have the automatic tranny wire harness and still trying to change that to the manual one because the wire for the VTEC solenoid cant be connected for my ECU. This is my first time doing a swap because this is like my project car and I need more help. What other things do I need to complete my swap besides the P28 ECU. And do I also need to change my water pump and radiator or just the water pump? Any help will be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.

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