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TB problem

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My wife has a 98 accord EX sedan with the 4 cyl.


Well her throttle body was sticking a little and driving me nuts when I had to drive it sooo on Monday while I was off I decided I was gonna fix it


All went good. I unhooked everything from it where I could get to it good (all the sensors and hoses). Spilled a little gas when I unhooked that line but other than that the process went ok.


What I did was spray some solvent (engine degreaser) on it and then wipe away what I could with a rag and then the really tough stuff I scraped off with a flathead screwdriver.


I reattached everything and fired it up. Well it idled like garbage. I thought it was just a little air in the fuel line, but figured after it ran a second it would smooth out. WRONG!!! And when I would give it some gas it would cut out studder and resume idling like poo or stall.


Well, I checked all my connections again and everything seems to be in order. So I did a little reading and it seemed to be problem with the MAP sensor. So I jump on ebay and get a "new" one for $28. It came in last night.


I tried to crank the car before I put the new MAP on just for comparison. Car wouldn't crank. I put the new MAP on and car wouldn't crank. I unhooked the battery for about 15 min and tried again. Finally got it to crank after a few tries and it did idle better, but not much. Same simptoms


Also, after revving it a few times (untill it would cut out around 1500rpm) I could smell gas.


I don't have a clue and my wife is getting tired of driving the 5.0 REAL fast. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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Well, I was finally able to get ahold of a friend of mine that used to be a honda tech that lives down on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Apparently, I had the TPS and MAP cables backwards. :D'oh!:


Swapped them when I got home and it cranked right up and purred like a kitten.

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