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What does your teg have in and on it?


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I have a 93 teg.




Aem cold air intake

Ngk spark plug wires n plugs

Strut bar

Optima battary

Ractive exhaust cat back system(titanuem.carbon fiber)




Limo tint

Oem carbon fiber taillights

Honda carbon fiber emblem

Clear corner lights

M3 Mirrors

Tein luxary edition springs




Tanabe gauges(mph.gas n etc)



My teg

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i have a 94 teg...


until i can afford a gsr manual tranny and a turbo kit, all it's likely to have is the cheap-ass $45 "CAI" and the stereo system. the auto makes it too slow to justify modding while i have my prelude to drive :wub:

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