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eeewww frosting...


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One day a little boy and his dad went to the zoo.

Where two monkeys were having sex,

and the little boy asked what they were doing,

and the dad said "their baking cakes."


the next day the little boy and his mom went to the park.

Where two dogs were doing it,

and the little boy said "mommy what are they doing?"

the mom said their "baking cakes"


Later that night the parents were having sex on the couch.


The next day the little boy says to his parents

"i know what you guys were doing last night! You were baking cakes!"

The parents looked at him and said "how do you know?!?!"

The little boy replied "because i ate the frosting off the couch!"


Repost this, or u will never "bake a cake" again

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