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Cuban Pride....


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the cuban dictionary!!!!




Bosguagon n. the Volkswagen Beetle


Guendis n. Wendy's fast-food restaurant


Berguerquin n. Burger King



Macdonal n. McDonnald's



Pisa Ho n. Pizza Hut


Sebenileben n. 7-Eleven convenience store



guarejaus n. warehouse



pisicorre n. station wagon



paraguero n. inept motorist



saguecera n. Miami's southwest residential area


jandi n. a parking space reserved for the handicapped


tique n. ticket



transporteichon n. barely adequate automobile



La Vaquita n. the closest Farm Stores to your house


dauntaun n. urban downtown area



llompear v. the act of connecting two vehicles power sources



un su n. a legal suit



yin n. a pair of jeans



blumer n. women's underwear; panties



pantijo n. panty hose



tenis n. athletic shoes; sneakers



chor n. pair of shorts



yaqui n. a jacket or windbreaker



Guachinton n. Washington D.C.



Mallamibish n. Miami Beach



printear v. to print; use of a computer printer



faxear v. to fax



taipear v. to type



incontas adj. Income Tax



bisne n. a business or business endeavor



escochteip n. Scotch Tape



liquiando v. a leak



efichiensi n. efficiency housing



Fa n. Fab laundry detergent



lonchando v. having lunch



cach n. tomato ketchup



quaquer n. Quaker Oats brand cereal



quei n. a cake



pitipua n. green peas



jambergue n. a hamburger



beico n. bacon



shicle n. chewing gum



cuqui n. a cookie



jotdo n. a frankfurter



sanguishe n. a sandwich



estop n. stop sign



guau adj. wow



un chou v. to make a scene in public



japiverdei n. a birthday


embarkation n. failure to adhere to a previous



flonquear v. to fail an examination or course



Tricotri n. Halloween



meri crisma - phrase. merry christmas



japi nu yier-phrase. happy new year

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