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Little Boy


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A little boy wanted to walk his dog, so he asked his mom if he could.


"Well, you better go ask your dad, because she is in heat, and he can help you out." said his mom.


The little boy went out to the garage and found his dad. Where he asked, "Dad, can I take the dog for a walk? Mom said you could help me out because she is in heat."


"Sure you can son," he replied. "Just bring her over here first, and we'll get her all fixed up."


So the boy takes his dog over to his dad. His dad then pours gasoline all over his dog. And then tells him, "There you go, have a good walk."


The little boy heads out for his walk with his dog. He is gone for several hours, and the returns without his dog. His parents wonder what happened to the dog.


His mom asks, "Where did your dog go son?"


The little boy replied, "Oh, she ran out of gas a few blocks back, and another dog is pushing her home."

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