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Question about wheel size and drop???


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w/ 16s and a stock tire, there would be even less of a gap then not, if you go 16s w/ low profile tires it should look real nice.

What do you mean by stock tire? I was thinking about getting a set of 16" Black Rota Circuit 8's. The offset is +40mm. What tire size would you reccomend? 205/45x16? Would I have problems with rubbing?


Here is a ghetto photoshop of my car with Circuit 8's



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Well take a look at my car its lowered about 2 inches and have same rims and looks nice and no wheel qap :thumbsup: um and i think you should get a camber kit :D lol jk

What size tires do you have, 205/45x16? Do you rub at all?

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but hey if you are getting rid of those rims and tires i have someone that would buy them

I dont think I am going to sell them. I need them for winter wheels since I dont have steelies.


What would be the perfect offset? +40mm or +45mm?

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