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del sol cabin bars


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I’m on team sol cal and wanted to extend this offer to you solers.


Check out the discussion @ http://www.teamsolcal.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5633 100% positive feedback thanks~laith


Same as the previously named "harness bars" Cabin bar is what it will be called now. I have new ones made which are silver 1 3/4" (1/4'' thicker than the last) (black 1 1/2''). they are all very strong bars designed to stabilize the car's twist in turns, the bar mounts behind the seats at the top seat belt bolt locations. they can also be used as a harness bar just as any of the other del sol "harness bars" at this bolt location can (i don't think any of them are track permitted) i have sold a bunch of these and everyone i have talked to are happy with fitment. if there is still a demand on this site let me know if you are interested. These are rare to see sold and i don't know if I’ll be making any more soon. 110.00 for the new thicker bars (all fit perfect). This price do not include the 20.00 shipping cost. I’m in SD for local pickup to avoid shipping costs. Email me if interested laithj@hotmail.com


feedback has been 100% positive


checked with the local powder coater. $60.00 for one coated, (200.00) $40.00 each if i get 5 done at one time. let me know if any of you guys decide to go this way.



silver cabin bar:





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