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95 Honda Civic DX


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My car in in the shop as we speak. problems incluse the basice. Needs tune up.

car had 186,000 miles on it. Also needs suspecsion work. Guy says all the bushings need t be replaced, along with the coltrol arms. Showck would be nice since thay ate way over due.


What should I do. I like driving the care, but it in need of repair. Paint job is perfect, not problems with fading or it has never been in a accident ( rare in these parts)


any suggestions would be appreciated.


If repairs get way up there I might just bight the bullet and get a Pilot.




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hey there we'll i just joined this website and i feel left out cuz im the only one dat has a 93 honda civic dx hatchback and its stock! and i wanna get opinions from people like u wat do u think i should do 2 my car :)

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well.......what exactly do you wanna do with it? (i have a 93 dx 4dr so they are basically the same) you want it to be fast? u want it too look all tricked out? what do you wanna do with it, and whats your budget?

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