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    Super charged LS1 Trans-Am
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    Superchager, cold air, custom ex., headers,heads,cam,intake, injectors,100 shot NOS, msd igniton, under drive pullies, short throw shifter, flowmasters

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  1. My friend has a 96 (i think) civic and at cold start it wont start. It takes him 8 or 9 trys to get it to start. Also when the car gets warmed up the idle goes up and down. No check engine light...... Timing???
  2. LMAO my 79 t/a red lines at 145 and it hits it pretty quick
  3. yea i get what u are saying... just go to your topic or the one u are talkin on and just put TTT or sumthin and it will bring it back up and your good.
  4. good god 4 grand??? get a v8. Im sry i always say this but just think about it.
  5. if u dont have to pass emissions like me just take the damn things off they just rob hp. Non of my cars have them.

    K&N vs IGT

    how would it be better for hondas when all cars pull air threw the intake??????
  7. o my god. U people act like if we got a few extra posts its going to fill the server up.... IT WONT FILL UP!!! I am on lots of other forums that are way more popular than this one and they have never filled up. IT WILL BE OK !!! GEZZZZZ

    K&N vs IGT

    i think he is talkin about the k&n in a good way
  9. yea just toss 3 grand at a 4 banger so u can get 250hp
  10. yea u can do that if u rip everything out of the car. All of my interior is there + roll cage. And i still got cold ac in the summer. It cracks me up when i pull up to a civic with nothin in it ex for the drivers seat and the shifter.
  11. battery,air filter,tires, brake pads, change all liquids. For my kid i will be doing a older muscle car b/c i think it will be a lot more fun and he will learn a whole lot more. But every one is diff
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