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  1. Just passed full emission test, because I have replaced dead battery.... Now in the 2007 Honda Civic manual there is a little passage about "check engine light ". It supposedly stay on for about 20 seconds AFTER the key is in II position - good thing. Then it MAY flash about five times if some unspecified emission data is wrong , BUT it will still pass emission test ! So what good is it ?
  2. NOT if you are going to keep it AFTER warranty runs out. This is NOT a place to post all the issues with 2007 / over 100000 miles Civic.
  3. Could somebody PLEASE verify 2007 Honda Civic 4dr instrument "self" test procedure for me ? I got desperate and went to the dealer and they GRACIOUSLY ( sarcasm) give me a copy of unknowns shop manual unknown pages (!) There it is called "Entering the Self Diagnostic Function" description and also a nice graph is included BUT IT DOES NOT WORK ! Of course dealer wanted hourly rates to fix it . The instrument cluster - both speedometer (upper module ) and tachometer (lower module) WORKS. And I am not going to spend $ for dealer to tell me that!
  4. annne

    Intermitent U0155

    Can antibody point me to resource or provide answer? 2007 Honda Civic WHERE is the OTHER end or ends of cable connected to the tachometer , lower instrument cluster ? I know there is a cable from lower to upper , speedometer cluster. BUT i need to locate the main feed connector harness etc.
  5. SOLVED Switch items 1 and 2 ! Lights on first then the reset switch second! Also - it works with parking light on only.
  6. 2007 Honda Civic Instrument cluster ( dashboard) self test does not start/ Could somebody please VERIFY that the following is a CORRECT sequence to activate speedometer / odometer clusters self test ? A reference to Honda manual / documentation which describes this test would be nice . PLEASE NO U_TUBE LINKS! 1. Push and hold trip reset button 2. Run headlights FULLY on 3. Insert ignition key and turn to position until the cluster illuminates. 4. Turn headlights OFF ON OFF 5. Release trip reset button 6. Push trip reset button f
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