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  1. I have finally finished building my Turbo B18c1/B16 Head 1993 Civic Hatch, and am running into some issues. Issue #1 : After it starts up, it will shoot up to 3k rpms, and then down to 500 rpms, and back up 3 times, then it will idle normal, like it should. Issue #2 : Once I give the throttle 1% input, it will shoot up to 3,000 rpms. I am currently running the Skunk2 3L Pro Street Intake with the 2L Spacer, and a 90mm KTuned Throttlebody, FIC 2150cc Injectors, and a Bosche 044 running on e85. I have tried adjusting my throttlebody cable so it has some slack, and even adjusting the tps on Hondata so it wouldn't rev up at much, but it didn't change anything. I just would like my car to not try to do a track launch when I am just trying to push the clutch in, and move forward just a couple feet lmao. Someone please help me!
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