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  1. Hello I have a 2005 Honda Accord Euro. Over the past 2 years the car has been periodically stalling once every 6 months. When this happens, the radio loses power first, followed by all of the engine lights coming on then finally the car is unable to accelerate when placing foot on the throttle. The car then stalls. The first time this happened I thought it was the battery so that was changed. Then it happened again 6 months later, so I thought it was the alternator and changed that. It happened again, thought it may of been a dodgy battery I bought originally, so I changed it again. Now it has happened again! The battery terminals are clean. I've measured the battery charging current and voltage with the car on and all seem fine, the battery appears to be charging OK. This is happening almost 6 months to the day after repeatidly changing the battery. Has anyone else had a similar issue? Any thoughts?
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