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  1. I just bought a 1998 honda civic with an automatic transmission, I'm planning on engine swapping it eventually (i'd like to do a k-series swap, but i may end up putting in a b16) but just going to swap the transmission for now. The motor in the car has been replace before (so i have been told. It runs incredibly well so I'm inclined to believe it) but not sure about transmission. I like driving manual better anyway. I got in contact with someone parting out their '99, and he said that for $300 he'd give me the transmission, mounts, axels, clutch, pressure plate, shifter arm, clutch and brake pedals, and the interior console with the dust boot (going to buy a brand new master clutch cylinder). This sounds like a pretty good deal to me, but i want to be sure I'm not forgetting anything, so figured i'd join a forum and see if anyone has any input/advice. Thanks in advance!
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