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  1. I recently had a bad Oil leak at the rear main, cam seal, oil pan gasket and valve cover gasket. Brought it to a shop and had them replace the clutch, timing belt and all front and rear seals for the oil leak. Got it back and still had a very minor oil leak. Took it back and they told me it was the tranny seal they had to tighten everything up and there was no more oil leak. Visually from what i can see the leaks are fixed. Needless to say I drove it home that day and the check engine light came on with a slight high idle @ about 1500rpms. The speedometer stopped working completely. Does anyone think it might be the speed sensor on the tranny? And maybe when they were fixing my tranny seal they triggered this sensor? Or what night be causing this? The car does run a little more rough than usual. Maybe a map sensor? Any feed back would be greatly appreciated!
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