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  1. Hi, all My 2014 Honda Accord got check charging system warning light and the car wont start when outside temperature was cold. Since my car is rebuilt title it is not covered by the battery sensor recall. After spent $300 to replace the sensor and a cable, I brought the car back but the car was not fixed. The exact same issue showed up next morning. I brought the car back to Honda dealer. The technician said the whole fusebox needs to be replaced, he said the fuel pump fuse was loose. The cost is $1000. My question is Is there a rom in the under dash fusebox ? I was told by the technician that if I replace the fusebox, my car keys need to be reprogrammed. Is it true? It is quite cheap to get a fusebox from ebay. For close to a year, the car only has the problem when the temperature goet too low. That is why I refused the repair as the first repair they do not bother to check the issue and I have to pay the bill without getting the problem fixed. Thanks for your help.
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