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  1. Hi Just bought a 2008 7th Gen Honda Accord 2.0 Auto EX and unlike my old VW which just opened the drivers door when key fob is pressed once and all the doors when pressed twice. Currently the Honda is opening all the door when the key fob is pressed once, Can this be changed? Thanks Des
  2. I am about to purchase a 2008 Honda Accord 2.0 EX Auto (Europe) 7th Gen and have a couple of question I did give it a test drive and did find the ride to be a bit on the hard side after reading several review it seems to be a characteristic of the car. As I have a bad back it is a bit concerning to me. Could I have some feedback as how owners find the ride on these cars. I live in London UK what MPG can i realistically expect from my model. How do owners find the auto box on this model is there any known issues. I finally before I purchase is this a model you guys would recommend. Thanks Guys for any information Regards Des
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