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  1. Hi, everyone, First time poster here and new member, but was previously a member at other crv and civic forums. Saturday night a drunk driver hit and run on my 2009 crv ex while I was stopped. Rear-ended going 35-50 mph. Totaled my car. I did like the safety performance of the CRV, though. Plus, the cops chased and arrested him, which was good. That said, I need to replace it and am interested in a third row. Naturally, I'm looking at Pilots. I can't buy a new one right now due to cost, but have been looking at 2014-2016s in the 21k-26k range. I know a ton about my poor old CRV, but relatively nothing about the Pilot with respect to years to look for, what to avoid, etc, potential problems at certain milemarkes If it helps, the EX-L is what we're looking at. Any suggestions as I move forward. (I looked at the highlander but man, is that back seat cramped and useless. Came right back to Honda.) I'm pretty familiar with Honda maintenance as I did much of it on my CRV myself, so feel free to figure that in too w/ the Pilot. Thanks for your help. Really, anything is fair game, as I'm brand new to the Pilot world. Thanks in advance everyone. Looking forward to being part of the community here. Mike

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