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  1. 2005 Accord I replaced the bearing and seals in the power steering pump following the Honda/Acura service manual and online videos. Everything was put back just as the manual specifies. When I first started up the car, it was like there was no power steering at all. I drove around trying to cycle the wheel lock to lock. After about 30 mins of running errands around town, the power steering kicked in. Everything was fine for a few minutes then it went back to almost no power steering. I parked and added more power steering fluid because it had gotten a little low. I came home and let it sit about 15 mins and came back out. The power steering worked as it should when I started the car. I turned it lock to lock about 10 times then the steering wheel almost locks up like the power steering is gone. I look in fbd reservoir and see bubbles. I shut the car off to let the bubbles die down. I repeated the above process about 5 times with the same results. The car will still drive with power steering for just a little while then it will lose it just like the driveway test mentioned. There are no leaks from the pump, but the reservoir seems to have overflowed because it is coated in fluid Any ideas?
  2. About a week ago, my car started making a sound coming from the serpentine belt area. I didn't have much time to investigate it, so I let it go. The noise has gotten progressively worse. Yesterday I opened up the hood and found the power steering pump has been leaking all over the place. I have included three videos: the sound a week ago, the sound yesterday, and the pump leak yesterday. Videos: Sound a week ago: Sound yesterday: Pump leak yesterday : Two questions: 1. Do you guys suggest a new pump or rebuild it with the seals from the dealer? 2. Will the belt need to be replaced or can it probably just be taken off and cleaned? Thanks for the help.
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