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  1. or just be happy with the 2.0l I would. No use swapping, it's not a car designed to be powerful, it's designed to be harmonic.
  2. Ajlepisto

    New S2000 Look

    Ya I dont mean to counter you, but I just think that 1 year(well a time period doesnt even matter) or 10,000 miles is pretty high. I was under the impression most cars are around 2-3k miles. Anyway, not a big deal.
  3. ive driven an RSX-S and was impressed, it felt nice, however it's not nearly as fast as I thought. Im not too sure about the TSX, but I think its more of a 5 series type car, kinda a mix of sporty and luxery. RSX-S though isn't too fast, I beat one with my GTI.
  4. ahahahaha. Hey, it's possible, I saw a 700hp Rabbit. 1976 too
  5. good to know. All I meant was, after forkin over the approx. 20k its gonna cost me for the car+insurance, better tires, SSR competitions, and performance driving school, im not gonna have the money left over to start a real project. plus I would like it to be as reliable as it can be. Balance is what im after, not really sheer power. Thanks for the feedback, I think I remember Comptech in a Road and Track reveiw of 4 bangers.
  6. Ajlepisto


    you could even get porsche seats. those hold VERY well, and you can get the kind without any logos on them.
  7. Ajlepisto

    New S2000 Look

    what....? I dunno about 10,000 miles. My brother just got a 3.0i BMW Z4 and his break-in is only 1,200 miles. (your not supposed to rev over 4,500 rpm.
  8. ya I think by the time I get the s2000 and maybe a nice CF hardtop, im gonna be out of the modding for a while. Then if anything, its gonna be wheels and tires. Maybe swaybars, etc, but I dont need horsepower. And no offense but I hate the open can style sound that comes from many Honda tuning companies. Are there any exhausts that are quiet that are made for Hondas? Im not calling people ricers, but its almost as if (not knowing too much about Hondas) all the exhaust companies make large bore exhausts that just make tons of noise.
  9. Ajlepisto

    New S2000 Look

    well if you cant drive the car hard, how do you know you want it?
  10. Im new to the s2000's. New the the forum too, but Ive been looking for a nice s2000 for a while now, and I have been wondering... Are there any good years to get? You know, some cars have more flaws in certain years etc. I cant afford a new 2.2l so I will probably end up with a 2000-2001 S2000 with probably around 30k miles. I have to get rid of my GTI first. ;) Thanks.
  11. Ajlepisto

    Im new

    Hello all, I'm new here. Currently fairly active on vwvortex.com since I own a VW, but I have been looking for a while at getting an S2000. Wish me luck, I just have to sell my VW.
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