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    1990 honda crx si
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    i have put in a new system and plan on doing a whole lot more to it.
  1. crx49

    car sponsorship

    alright guys and girls, i know we have all seen the commercials of how you can get a car sponsorship at carsponsors.com and we probaly all thought that it was bull and that its a scam. but it's not, you can easily get a sponsorship for your ride reguardless of what vehicle it is. here is the video of one of my products that i have recieved . You also can start receiveing products for your ride so get started at carsponsors.com. thank you for your time.
  2. crx49

    engine swap

    I need some help determining if my 5 speed transmission of my d16 engine will bolt up to a b-series engine. will this work?
  3. crx49

    cs carsponsers.com

    yea you can get parts for free. they will set you up with a account at sponsorsamerica.com, there they will have do some stuff and you have to make videos of the products you recieve. check out my profile. i posted the link to my video of one of the products i got. like the previous post said you get stickers and what not but eventually you build your budget to get more parts and etc.....
  4. crx49

    90 crx

    hello everyone, i have a 1990 honda crx and am planning on restoring it. i have acquired a sponsorship with carsponsors.com and sponsoramerica.com. if yoiu would please take a look at this video of one of the prducts that recieved from this sponsorship. you to can have this sponsorship, so stop by carsposnors.com and they will get you started.
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