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    eat sleep honda . build motor. sell parts . race hard
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    1992 Honda civic 4 Door Ex (Eg8)
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    ~built Zc with d16y8 head.
    ~Gt35 turbo
    ~Skunk2 intake manifold
    ~rods and pistons
    ~spring retainer
    ~Crower Na Cam

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  1. check throttle body gaskit or change the throttle body .the gaskit has to match the port on the throttle body
  2. stock gsr t3 t4 safe with 440c new fuel pump 300 bhp day or night
  3. a distributor. check plogs and wire. for the ecu do u have ebay or paypal? plugs and wire
  4. yes 92 95 civic b or d with non vtecs no wireing needed with vtec on b motor 4 wire on d its 3 wires for vtec . and u can use parts off 94 01 ac
  5. if it spin free its good and it looks like a sealed brearing if u have the money just do it
  6. if u still need a ecu obd1. then obd2 to obd1 jumper for your car i know a good seller cheap and u get a base map for that bad ass d15b vtec d16z6 7200 rpm d15b 7500 rpm
  7. did u change throttle body or gasket? or u need a new dizzy
  8. the po8 base map is the way to go with jdm d15bvtec 130hp, with the d16zc vtec you want to use the p28. 125 hp- 127hp. The Jdm d15b will destroy all other single vtec motors and even some b-series motors with a good tune on your d15bvtec. i should know because my bone stock d15b vtec with a little tune made 120 Bhp and 101 ft lbs torque at the wheels. Which means 140hp to the fly wheel.
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