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  1. It doesn't leak fluid.. I've checked the ground when I pull outta the garage in the mornings, but bleeding it out brings the pressure back. Changed out the master slave cylinder just because having to bleed it a few times obviously hasn't fixed the problem. Guessing there's a leak SOMEWHERE though because on my drive home TODAY the pressure came back outta nowhere! That was a first.. it knows I'm talking about her c;
  2. The pedal keeps going loose outta no where (over the course of a couple days). I've had them bled out a couple times so it goes back to normal and have just replaced the master cylinder a couple weeks ago, so what's really the problem? I'm stumped.
  3. I've tried a lot of different websites that say they have these when really, they end up "on back order" but are never ordered! Sooo frustrated!! These are the only lights I would be satisfied with :l Maybe someone is selling them or can help point me in the right direction of a place that DOES sell them? I bellieve they're by Option Racing? Here's a link to its details. ANY help would be so so appreciated http://www.carid.com/1993-honda-del-sol-taillights/option-racing-euro-tail-lights-267467.html?utm_source=googlebase_com&utm_medium=comparator&utm_campaign=Google_feed&CAWEL
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