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  1. and this will still work even with those hid boxes still attached or no? Edit: Nvm i got it, thanks for the help!
  2. Thanks for your response and caution haha! I'm pretty sure this is the housing - http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/yhst-5006790027353_2171_620477 . I'm not trying to mess with wiring if i don't have to! I'm not bad with wiring though but my only experience really comes from audio systems and computers. Reason I am asking this is I have 0 knowledge of how these bulbs work and figured I should ask before I go out and waist money on something that won't work...
  3. Hello I have bought my mess of a civic about 2 months ago now, and inspection time is right around the corner. Well I need to get new headlights for it since I only have a high beam...no low beam at all. I am very new to all this and am just wondering what is my best/most cost effective way of fixing this. The guy I bought the car off of put some pretty cheap HID kit on it, with an aftermarket light housing. Can I get 2 "filament" light bulbs for high and low beams with HID? Can I simply put the OEM replacement bulb in even with the HID converters hooked up? Or will I need to buy a whole new light casing with OEM wires? Sorry I know this is totally a stupid question, but I have never had to deal with headlights before and do not know the jist about them....any help is greatly appreciated!
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