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    Springfield MO
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    cars, sports, etc..
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    1995 Integra GSR
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    built head (supertech):
    -forged valves (flat dished) slightly up'ed compression
    -Titanium valve springs
    -ITR cams
    Greddy EVO II cat-back
    Greddy 4-2-1 header
    JRSC in the works.
  1. man that sucks. cops in missouri dont give a crap. we have a pretty good scene believe it or not haha. theres 9 second cars on slicks that will run on the street and cops dont look twice. no smog rules, no mod rules, nothing
  2. lol not worried about what people say. its funny. like my "true jdm intake" then he's got a "true jdm body kit"... haha
  3. small, dirty engine bay, and without my strut bar.. best i got right now.
  4. gotcha! ;) i might have an engine bay shot.. let me look
  5. lol.. sorry for not being up to par on my internet lingo.. EB battle? explain. i will, i have a crappy camera, i have to use my sisters camera so next time i get to use it ill get some more shots
  6. what's that have to do with anything?
  7. thanks? lol but no, no stupid stickers, no dolls hanging... not into that. as for the head, supertech forged flat dished valves (slightly increased compression), supertech titanium valve springs, ITR cams. fuel cut/ rev limit- was 8350 ish rpm. now 8500 rpm. check engine light is a knock sensor right before fuel cut
  8. hey guys new to this forum.. found it and said why not. i drive a 1995 Integra GSR had it since i was 15 now almost 19 MOD's: built head (tuned) Greddy EVO II Greddy header short ram intake HAsport stage 2 axels Skunk2 pro-series camber kits rotorpro drilled and slotted rotors spoon short shifter 55w 8k Apexcone HID's type-R tails 17 in 5Zigen heidfeld II's wrapped in 215/40r-17 Nitto Neo Gen's etc.. you get the idea. tuned on chrome. hate it. changing to hondata s300 here's some pictures of the car.. these were the first time using this camera ;) hoped you like them. im pumped to get to know my way around here and get to know you guys!
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